• Lookout Capital
    A North Carolina Private Equity Firm
  • Lookout Capital
    Investing in North Carolina
    & The Southeast
  • Lookout Capital
    Focus on Buyout and Controlling
    Interest Opportunities
  • Lookout Capital
    Companies With $10 – 30 Million
    of Annual Revenue and EBITDA
    of $1 – 5 Million
  • Lookout Capital
    A North Carolina
    Private Equity Firm

Who We Are

Lookout Capital is a private equity firm investing in and working with small companies in North Carolina and nearby states. We are people-focused, patient investors and collaborators.

What We Do

Lookout primarily invests in, manages and provides services to profitable companies with annual revenue between $10-30 million. We focus on controlling interest, buyout, recap and growth equity transactions.

Why Work With Us

Lookout leverages a network of over 100 principals, advisors and investors to help create value for our companies and clients. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and partnership sets us apart.